WooCommerce Elements

Depending on the WooCommerce extensions on your site, you'll have extended elements in this section.

  • Email Heading: This element will add a head text to your Email template.

  • Footer: This is the element that adds the short footer text to your Email template and can be customized.

  • Shipping Address: This element adds the customers shipping address to Email template.

  • Billing Address: This elements add the customers billing address to the Email template design.

  • Billing Shipping Address: This element adds billing shipping address to the template.

  • Order Item: This allows you to show table format for the product ordered, the quantity ordered and the total price.

  • Hook: This will help you add WooCommerce Hooks

  • Order Item Download: This is the element which shows a tabularized detail of downloadable items that was ordered.

  • Order Subscription: This element will help you show details of subscription/recurring payment items.

  • Tracking Item: This adds tracking link to Email template.

  • Cart Items: Send cart items to invite customers back to your shop

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