Checkout Field Editor by WooCommerce

How to display checkout fields in Woo emails

YayMail Pro offers shortcodes that allow you to insert various data points into your email templates.

Here's how to display checkout fields with shortcode, also known as order meta, in YayMail editor:

Identify the checkout field

You'll need to know the unique ID of the specific checkout field you want to display. This can be found by editing the field in WooCommerce > Checkout Fields.

In the screenshot below, the checkout field ID is date.

When customers proceed to checkout, they will be required to fill out their information.

Insert the shortcode

Within your YayMail email template editor, insert the following shortcode to output the customer data value.

You can find the shortcode for that order meta by clicking on the list of Order Meta and selecting the checkout field that you need:

In this case, it is [yaymail_order_meta:date] that outputs the Delivery Date of the order.

Feel free to send a test email or place an actual order to see how it looks in your email client.

That's it! Now you can go ahead and add your own checkout fields to customer emails!

Happy customizing!

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