Shipment Tracking

How to use YayMail Pro with WooCommerce Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking details can be added to the emails sent to customers to track their shipments.

Step 1: Update shipment tracking in WooCommerce panel

Navigate to WooCommerce > Orders > on the Edit order screen, you will see a new meta box for shipment information.

Once you fill the details and save tracking, you will see a new tracking number.

Marking the order as Complete will send the Completed Order email to the customer, including the shipment tracking code.

Step 2: Add shipment tracking details to email template in YayMail panel

In YayMail email builder, choose Completed Order email, drag and drop a Text block to the email template.

On the text editor, you will see a Shortcode dropdown > choose Order Meta and pick the shipment tracking order meta shortcode. This will automatically insert a shipment tracking table into the customized email template.

Step 3: Preview email template including shipment tracking info

If you already have previous completed orders with shipment tracking information, you can choose a specific order email to view it.

Within YayMail builder, choose Sample order to show, select a customer or order number from the dropdown, and you will see the whole email template with the order history details.

After completing the steps above, whenever you change the order status to Complete, your store will send the Completed order email to the customer, including the shipment tracking code.

This tutorial uses screenshots from WooCommerce Shipment Tracking extension, but the setup principle is pretty much the same if you're using one of these plugins:

  • Advanced Shipment Tracking (by Zorem)

  • Shipment Tracking Pro (by PluginHive)

  • YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking

  • Parcel Panel Shipment Tracking and Order Tracking for WooCommerce

  • TrackingMore Parcel Tracking plugin

For TrackShip plugin, it requires YayMail Addon for TrackShip.

Bonus: You can use partial shipment and show products which has shipped. Please drag 2 elements: Tracking Item and Items Shipment.

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