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How to include the coupon used in the New Order email

YayMail provides the feature to include the coupon used in the New Order email confirmation, making it easy for the shop team to see which coupon was applied to the order.

Here's a general guide on how to achieve this:

Step 1 - Create a coupon

WordPress dashboard > Marketing > Coupons > Add Coupon

Then, name the coupon, select the discount type (percentage discount, fixed basket discount, or fixed product discount), enter the value in the coupon amount field, and hit publish.

Step 2 - Check the orders

WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders

Here, the shop team will handle all orders, including viewing the order number and the customer's name (e.g. #1183 is the order ID followed by the customer name).

Step 3 - Access YayMail

WordPress dashboard > YayCommerce > YayMail

Select the orders for which you want to display the coupon using the YayMail builder.

Click on the ‘Shortcodes’ button, where a list of shortcodes will appear.

Step 4 - Copy and paste the shortcode

Enter 'coupon' in the search field to find the code [yaymail_order_coupon_codes]

Copy this code and paste it into the text editor.

After using the shortcode mentioned above, the email template will display the coupon that customers choose to use in their orders.

Now, open your Gmail and the coupon used in the order will also be revealed to your customer.

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