Integration & Compatibility
Wondering how you can go further with YayMail Pro? Check out these integrations.
YayMail is a flexible and widely compatible email customizer. It enhances your WooCommerce email templates and even goes further.
One of YayMail's incredible features is the integrations with third-party WooCommerce extensions which would allow you to have endless possibilities of customization.
While YayMail Free provides full customizability for 11 default WooCommerce email templates, YayMail Pro supports many other plugins. It helps you add hooks, custom fields, attributes, and other values to your outgoing transactional emails.
YayMail Pro and its third-party compatibility is including but not limited to:
    Shipment Tracking (by WooCommerce)
    Checkout Field Editor (by WooCommerce)
    Advanced Shipment Tracking (by Zorem)
    YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking
    WooCommerce Order Status Manager (by SkyVerge)
    Admin Custom Order Fields (by SkyVerge)
    Custom Order Status (by Tyche Softwares)
    Flexible Checkout Fields (by WPDesk)
    Checkout Field Editor (by ThemeHigh)
    WooCommerce Show Attributes (by Isabel Castillo)
    Back In Stock Notifier for WooCommerce (by codewoogeek)
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