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Continuous loading

How to troubleshoot the continuous loading on YayMail blank screen
If you visit the WooCommerce Email Customizer and face "An error occurred" notice showing up on the bottom-right of the screen, here's how to troubleshoot it.

What causes the issue

Most likely, it is often caused by some third-party functions.
For instance, if you have the Smart Coupons latest version 7.11, it may add some new functions that are not yet recognized by our YayMail Addon. As a result, the email customizer screen cannot load.

How to fix it

In this case, we would need to reproduce the issue. Then we will be able to look into those third-party plugin versions to look for their new functions.
Here are the actions you need to take:
  • Send us the screenshot or the list of activated plugins on your site where the issue is happening.
  • Share the third-party plugins' ZIP files so we can reproduce the environment.
  • If necessary, please create a temporary admin account for us, or share a Temporary Login Without Password.
Once our tech team finishes supporting those new functions, we will release the fix in YayMail Addons for you!