Unable to send test email

How to troubleshoot "Send test email failed"

Send test email failed

What causes this issue

  • Your site might not have enabled email sending via SMTP

  • Errors with the email templates such as blank email subject, wrong formats, etc.

How to fix it

  1. Test your email deliverability

Firsly, please make sure that your WordPress site can send outgoing emails.

Please go to your SMTP plugin's settings and send a test email to see if the email can reach your email address.

If you're using the YaySMTP plugin to send WordPress emails, please go to the YaySMTP menu from your admin dashboard to tackle the problem. By trying Send Test Email, you'll know if your SMTP server configuration works or not.

1.1. If sending test email fails, you should configure your SMTP settings. Check out how to set up SMTP for WordPress.

1.2. If your test email works, please move on to troubleshooting the email template itself.

2. Troubleshooting the email template

In some cases, the email template cannot load successfully due to multi-language incompatibility. Please try resetting the template: Navigate to the upper toolbar and click Reset template.

3. Next steps?

Once reset, the email template should be saved and sent successfully.

If the issue is still there, please contact us.

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