WCFM Marketplace

YayMail Addon for WCFM Marketplace allows you to customize templates generated by WCFM Marketplace plugin in YayMail interface.
WCFM Marketplace email templates
WCFM Marketplace shortcodes are listed in the Shortcode section.
WCFM Marketplace Shortcodes
WCFM has one element for order here.
WCFM order detail element
If you use Front End Manager plugin from WCFM, you will see emails below.
All templates in FrontEnd Manager from WCFM plugin
The FrontendManager template in YayMail is the template that combines all templates of Front End Manager plugin from WCFM. You can add images, general text...into that template, just don't erase the default content as it's from WCFM (it automatically load different content of each email of the Front End Manager).
All FrontendManager templates is combined one in YayMail
For a step by step tutorial, please take a look at this video: