YayMail Addon for ShopMagic allows you to customize templates generated by ShopMagic for WooCommerce plugin (by WP Desk) in YayMail interface.

REQUIRED: In addition to these two plugins, here are the WordPress plugins you'll need for this guide.

In the YayMail editor, you can add header, footer, and extra blocks to the email body.

Apart from the extra blocks, you can add the content of your ShopMagic automation to the email body. Please use those ShopMagic shortcodes, which are listed in the Shortcodes section.

These YayMail shortcodes help populate the content from your ShopMagic email setup in the new templates.

  • [yaymail_addon_shopmagic_email_message] --> Email content

  • [yaymail_addon_shopmagic_email_heading] --> Email heading

In order to change these email sections' content, please do it in ShopMagic > Automations.

Happy customizing! 🪄

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