Conditional Logic

With YayMail Conditional Logic Addon, you can choose to display any elements or WooCommerce blocks when one or more conditions are satisfied.
For instance, you can add a Featured Products section to your email body. And then, create a condition to allow displaying it in emails if the ordered product belongs to a specific category.
List of Conditional Logic
List of conditional logic in YayMail
By choosing Product category is "Tshirts", you will be able to display these related products when a customer has bought a t-shirt.
Choose Conditional Logic in YayMail
With this setup, when a customer buys a t-shirt, they will receive an order confirmation email. This email includes links to other product categories in your shop that you have set. So that you boost the chance of customers visiting your store and further browsing Hoodies/Caps categories.
Other WooCommerce conditional logic options include but are not limited to:
  • Billing country is/is not
  • Product category is/is not
  • Product is/is not
  • Product SKU is/is not
  • Minimum order total
  • Maximum order total
  • Payment method is/is not
  • Shipping method is/is not
  • Coupon codes is/is not
  • Payment status is/is not
Payment method includes: Direct Bank Transfer, Check Payment, Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Stripe, etc.
Shipping method includes: Flat rate, Free Shipping, Local Pickup, etc.
Payment status includes: Pending Payment, Processing.
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