Dynamic and predesigned blocks to help you upsell and cross-sell better
Blocks are multi-column sections to allow you to send dynamic content in order confirmation email templates.
You can easily find these blocks in YayMail Pro editor → ElementsBlocks.
You will be able to choose which products to display in the block such as Recently updated products, Related products, or products with selected category/tag, etc.
Simply show or hide these elements according to your needs:
  • Top content: heading and sub-heading
  • Product image: dynamically retrieve product images from your list of products
  • Product name: dynamically retrieve product names from your list of products
  • Product price: dynamically retrieve product prices from your list of products
  • Product original price: dynamically retrieve product original prices from your list of products
  • CTAs: display Buy button with custom design and product links
Moreover, you can choose to display any block by one or more condition when using YayMail Pro with YayMail Addon for Conditional logic. Display it if:
  • Billing country is
  • Product category is
  • Minimum order is
  • Maximum order is
  • Payment method is
  • Shipping Method is
  • Coupon codes is