Custom Order Status

How to use YayMail Pro with Custom Order Status plugin

Step 1: Manage custom order status

You can add new, edit, and manage order statuses in Custom Order Status plugin's panel.
Add a new order status called "Shipping delayed"

Update a placed order with the "Shipping delayed" status
Edit email subject and enable order status update email
Please note: Feel free to edit email subject if you like. For the rest of email body, you can customize it all in YayMail builder.

Step 2: Design custom order status email

After you successfully set up a new order status, you will see a new email template nested under the template selector.
Please go ahead and choose a template, which is Shipping delayed like shown below.
In this template, you can add as many blocks as you like. For a custom announcement, you can add a Text block and use shortcode to output the details that you have set up in the Custom Order Status plugin.
For more details, you may refer to our WooCommerce tutorial.