Upper Toolbar

How to Use the Upper Toolbar of the Editor Screen

Some of the main features in the horizontal tool section include:

  1. Email to show: This is the dropdown that contains all the different WooCommerce Email templates to select and show in the editor screen.

  2. Sample order to show: This is another dropdown which allows you to select a specific sample order to use for designing the selection from (1) above.

  3. Shortcodes: Show all the WooCommerce shortcodes available for use in designing your messages. Copy specific shortcode from here then paste it into the appropriate block of the Email design.

  4. Send test email: One-click to send a test message to any email address to see how your designed email would look like in the inbox.

  5. Blank: Clear all your customization so that you can have a blank space in the editor area. This option may be needed for some reasons, but please use it carefully and be sure you really would like to clear your designs and customizations. When it's gone blank and saved, all the changes you made can't be restored.

  6. Import template: A really nice feature which allows you to clone a designed template and paste it into the current email body. Then you can make some little adjustments, so as to avoid starting from scratch.

  7. Reset template: This option resets your template to the default state. Please use with caution because all your customizations would be lost and not recoverable.

  8. Undo: Undo the action you just made. Only available in pro version

  9. Redo: Redo the action you just change. Only available in pro version

  10. Enable/Disable: You can toggle ON or OFF to override the default templates generated by WooCommerce itself.

  11. Preview: Instantly view your customized email in a pop-up at full-screen mode. You can see how it looks on desktop and mobile devices.

  12. Save: Save your edits at any point in time.

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