Enable or Disable Templates

Enable/Disable a template can be set in the upper toolbar of each individual template editor. But you can also find it here.

This option can be seen in the Settings tab. You can toggle ON or OFF any desired WooCommerce templates to override the default templates generated by WooCommerce itself.

The sub-options here include 11 standard WooCommerce email notifications.

And if you use third-party extensions supported by YayMail Addons, their email templates also show here.

  • New Order

  • Cancelled Order

  • Failed Order

  • Order On-Hold

  • Processing Order

  • Completed Order

  • Refunded Order

  • Customer Invoice

  • Customer Note

  • Reset Password

  • New account

  • New Renewal Order

  • Subscription Switched

  • Processing Renewal Order

  • Completed Renewal Order

  • On-Hold Renewal Order

  • Subscription Switch Complete

  • Customer Renewal Invoice

  • Cancelled Subscription

  • Expired Subscription

  • Suspended Subscription

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