Free shipping

How to apply Free Shipping based on order value

In this tutorial, you will see the simple steps to set up this promotion: Get Free Shipping on all Orders of Over $200.

Discussion steps:

  • Discount

  • Conditions

  • Application

To get started with this, we will go through YayCommerce >> YayPricing >> Checkout Fee >> Add Rule. Then select the Free Shipping rule.


After selecting this rule type, then we go ahead to configuring the price discount settings, as seen in the screenshot below;

(1). We give a name to our rule in this field, for our reference only, not to be shown to our customers.

(2). Our pricing type settings translates that we offer a 100% discount on shipping cost and we did not set a maximum purchase limit for this case.

(3). We checked this box to show the customers a tooltip on the price in the checkout page after the discount is applied to the items in their cart.

(4). We can also check this box in other to schedule a start and end date for our campaign, if we want.

(5). We also checked this box so that we can limit the number of times a specific customer can use the discount. The limit we set for this campaign is only 1 usage.


We set a condition for this campaign and we set to All, so that all the conditions must apply to the rule.

The rule we set is Cart subtotal price must be greater than $200, which means that the customer must have added items worth up to $200 in the cart before the rule is shown or applied to them.


A screenshot showing item in the cart costing $200+, thus triggers the free shipping discount.

Watch the video below for a detailed guide on offering free shipping in your WooCommerce store.

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