First time order discount

How to offer customers a discount on their first purchase

YayPricing allows you to offer a discount to new users on their first order. You can provide a WooCommerce first order discount on specific products, categories, or all the products.

Here's how to set up Give $10 if a customer places an order for the first time.

  1. Add new cart discount

  2. Specify discount type as fixed discount and discount value as $10

  1. Open Conditions tab and add your conditions

Here I'm specifying just a single condition as Customer order count is less than 1.

You can also add further conditions and set it to required all before applying the discount.

  1. Save changes and see how it works!

Please note:

  • The user should be logged in while placing the order so that their role will be seen as “new customer” or not.

  • WooCommerce first order discount won't apply for guest checkout.

Please watch the video below for a detailed walkthrough on First order discount in WooCommerce.

Happy discount-ing!

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