Bundle discount

How to Set Up Bundle Discounts

In this tutorial, we will give you simple steps to set up bundle discounts for customers who want to buy products in bundles. With this feature, you can analyze purchasing needs in your WooCommerce store, create suitable bundles, and implement discount strategies to attract customers. Let's explore how to set up this promotion: Get 30% OFF when purchasing 3 products in the “Skincare" category.

Discussion steps:

Step 1: Add New Rule > Sample Rule

Step 2: Select the Rule Type and Configure the Price Discount

After creating a new campaign, select “Product Bundle" rule type, and then we go ahead to configure the price discount settings, such as a discount of 30% for 3 products in the cart.

Step 3: Save the rule and see how it works!

You can set up more with additional features of YayPricing. And then, click to save your pricing rule and see how it works with your product.

Note that the discount rule will apply to single items and will not distinguish between identical items. You can see the result on the cart page below!

Important Note: With the “For group" box

  • When you do not check this box: the discount rule will apply to single items, like the result above.

  • When you check this box: the discount rule will apply to the entire group, which means, we set a discount of 30%, this value will be discounted based on the total price of the cart. YayPricing automatically discounts from the first item, until it is completely discounted, then goes to the next item.

See the image below for more details!

As you can see, the total of this cart is $205, when discounting 30%, the total of the cart will leave $143,5. The discount rule will be applied from the first item. Another case: If customers purchase more than 3 products, the discount rule also applies to 3 first items. You can check the “question mark" to know which item be discounted.

The logic is: Discount 30% for the total price of 3 first products, the fourth item is not.

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