Once YayPricing is installed successfully, navigate to WooCommerce > YayPricing. This is where you would get tabs that will allow you to create rules or see all your existing rules, as well as check all the rules you've created before.
The different tabs include:
  • Product Pricing - Which helps you create product pricing rules that affect price of products. You can also create product fee or discount.
  • Cart Discount - Which helps you create cart discounts rules is used to create cart discount coupons that apply at checkout. You can also combine discount at Settings section.
  • Exclude Rules - Which helps you create rule to decide which products will not be affected by Product pricing rules.
  • Settings - Which helps you activate further, various settings related to the rules and exclusions that you had created. In manner of how the rules are to be applied to various products or product types.
A screenshot showing the tab options in YayPricing