Cart Discounts

This rule type allows you to set up product pricing campaign that affects only the Cart page and also allows you to Show tooltip on cart discount, set Schedule, Usage limits plus.

Requirements: You need to enable the use of coupon codes beforehand to make cart discounts work.

From your admin dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Enable coupons, and check Enable the use of coupon codes.

There are 3 types of pricing methods in this rule.

  • Fixed discount

  • Percentage discount

  • Fixed Discount per Individual Cart Item

(1). This is a sub tab that will allow you to see the 3 methods of Cart Discount Pricing Rule.

(2). This sub tab will allow you to set the condition for the application of Cart Discount Rule, either to have it applied to All/Any of the set conditions.

Show tooltip on cart discount: You can use shortcodes in Variable list.

It will appear like this in frontend:

Percentage discount: It means fixed discount based on set percentage. Example: If you set Beanie product discount to 20%, and its basic cost is $20, and 2 items of Album which cost $20, the total discount is $8 ( which is 20% of both 1 Beanie, and 2 Album).

Fixed Discount per Individual Cart Item: It means fixed discount based on line item. Example: If you set discount to $3. If your cart has 1 item of Beanie and 2 items of Album, the total discount is $9 ( $3 of Beanie, and $6 of Album).

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