(1) Discount based on: This option allows you to set discount based on Regular price or Sale price.

(2) Disable product pricing rules when product is on sale: When you tick this option, products that are on sale will not be applied to Product pricing rules.

(3) Show regular price on cart item: When you tick this option, regular price will display as strike-through text on cart page and checkout page.

(4) Combine cart discount: When you tick this option, all rules will be calculated and combined into a single rule to apply in cart.

eg: You have 2 cart discounts:

  • Discount 1$ campaign CART: Discount $1

  • Discount 50% campaign: Discount 50%

When you don't combine:

When you combine:

(5) Use discount ID as coupon code: When you tick this option, you can use discount ID as coupon code in the admin order details.

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