BOGO (same product)

This rule type allows you to configure a pricing rule that is gift-oriented, i.e You can offer free items or items with discount of the same product when a customer buys any of the products that falls in this rule. Then it gives you option to select product categories, name, variation, tags, price or specific products that gets affected by this rules.

(1). This is a sub tab that will allow you to see 2 methods available for the BOGO Rule.

(2). This sub tab will allow you to enable/disable option: Show offer description in product page (Show this description only when conditions match), Show tooltip on cart item price, Schedules and Usage limits.

(3). This sub tab will allow you to set the condition for the application of BOGO Rule, either to have it applied to All/Any of the set conditions. (PRO version)

(4). Repeat: This option allows you to set whether the rule repeats or not.

For example: Rule Buy 2 Get 1 free: When you tick Repeat, if you buy 4, you will get 2 free. If you don't tick Repeat, you can only get 1 free max even if you buy 4 or more.

Customer can adjust the quantity of free item, but you can not delete or set it to 0 quantity.

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