Oct 15, 2021 - Version 1.6.4
    Fixed: Compatible with Woocommerce Per Product Shipping plugin
    Fixed: Incorrect information in Subscription products
    Fixed: Subscription manual renewal
    Fixed: Small bugs
Oct 8, 2021 - Version 1.6.3
    Added: Types for Rate of currency (Auto and Fixed)
    Fixed: Preview in custom rounding prices
    Fixed: PayPal payment when turn off Checkout in different currency option
    Fixed: Symbol currency in Order email when using Paypal
    Fixed: Symbol currency in Orders of user My Account page
Sep 25, 2021 - Version 1.6.2
    Added: Skeleton loading
    Added: Support WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin
    Optimized: Switcher width
    Fixed: Shipping fee in Checkout Page
    Fixed: Decrease font size for text in switcher when choosing small size
    Fixed: Switcher and icon on menu
    Fixed: Some bugs
Sep 13, 2021 - Version 1.6.1
    Fixed: Arrow point up in Footer Switcher
    Fixed: Products sale
    Fixed: Small bugs
Sep 10, 2021 - Version 1.6
    Added: Option to enable flag, name, currency symbol, currency code
    Added: Switcher sizes (Small, Medium)
    Added: Support WooCommerce Product Addons plugin
    Added: Switcher size for Menu, Widget
    Added: Support both Gutenberg and Classic Widget
    Fixed: Arrow in Switcher
    Fixed: PHPCS
    Fixed: Small bugs
Aug 24, 2021 - Version 1.5
    Fixed: Payment with PayPal (Validation error)
    Fixed: Error with Sale price when switching currency
Aug 9, 2021 - Version 1.4.1
    Fixed: Payment with Stripe
Aug 5, 2021 - Version 1.4
    Fixed: Support Divi Theme
Jul 31, 2021 - Version 1.3
    Improved: Performance
    Fixed: Sign up fee (WooCommerce Subscriptions)
    Fixed: Small bugs
Jun 29, 2021 - Version 1.2
    Improved: Performance
    Fixed: Update currency rate
    Fixed: Display currency in email
    Fixed: Small bugs
Jun 10, 2021 - Version 1.1
    Added: Rounding function
    Added: Preview tab
    Improved: Mobile responsive
    Improved: UI
    Improved: Text
    Fixed: Small bugs
May 5, 2021 - Version 1.0
    Initial Release
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