WooCommerce Product Bundles

How YayCurrency works with WooCommerce Bundles

With the Product Bundles plugin by WooCommerce, you can provide multiple products together as a bundle in your store that helps save time for both you and your customers. Integrated with YayCurrency, your store can display multi-currency for product bundles. This helps sell as many products as possible and bring a better shopping experience for your customers.

Required plugins:

First, start by going to the WordPress dashboard to create product bundles by WooCommerce Product Bundles. You can add as many products as you want and set up product data on the bundle.

After setting, access your product page to see how this bundled product displays in the default currency of your store.

When switching to another currency, the price of bundled products is also converted to the currency that your customers choose.

By combining YayCurrency and WooCommerce Product Bundles, your store will be upgraded to the next level with multi-currency and diverse product types. This feature is only supported for the pro version of YayCurrency.

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