Wholesale Pro by Barn2

How YayCurrency works with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro by Barn2

Wholesale Pro by Barn2 is the plugin that allows merchants to run wholesale along with retail stores. Combined with YayCurrency, this plugin will display wholesale prices for whole users with many different currencies.

You can set multiple tiers for the wholesale price and see the conversion of these prices displayed with YayCurrency.

1. Global percentage discounts for each role.

Starting with the settings tab of Wholesale Pro, merchants can add unlimited wholesale roles, plus wholesale registration and global percentage discount or pricing for them. Let’s see our setting for wholesale on the role page.

You can select who can see the wholesale price or display the original price with wholesale users or not.

Then, users on that role will see the prices that have been discounted.

When switching to the Euro currency, the wholesale price in this currency is also discounted by 10% as set, you can see the image below.

2. Category-level discounts.

Besides, you can set wholesale prices with each product category. This also means the wholesale discount set per role before will not apply to these products. For instance, we will add a wholesale discount for the high-end category.

On the product page, customers will see the original price and wholesale price to know how much discount they get as a wholesale buyer.

When they switch to another currency, they also can easily see the original price and wholesale in converted to their currency.

3. Exact wholesale prices for each individual product.

In another situation, if you want to wholesale for a specific product, you can set exact wholesale prices for each individual product as shown in the image below.

To be more specific in wholesale for each individual product, you can set the exact price for this product. See our image below for an illustration.

And see the result of how the wholesale price changes in each currency. The image below is an example of USD currency.

When users switch to the Euro, YayCurrency also supports exchanging the wholesale price in this currency.

Hence, the wholesale price will change by currency, your store will be able to distribute wholesale to other countries around the world.

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