Hide checkout notice payment method

When you disable 'Checkout in different currency', the order will be placed in your store's default currency.

At the checkout page, if you choose currency different from the default, you will see a notice like this:

If you don't want to show this notice at checkout, you can hide them using custom coding.

To hide this notice, you can add the following code to Code Snippets or to the file functions.php of your store theme.

It is recommended to add it tofunctions.php of child theme so that it will be preserved when you update the theme.

add_filter('yay_currency_checkout_notice_payment_methods', 'yay_currency_checkout_notice_payment_methods', 10, 2);
function yay_currency_checkout_notice_payment_methods( $show, $apply_currency ) {
    return false;

Once added, you will see it disappear at the checkout.

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