Force payment by customer country

Force payment by customer country function can be activated once you allow customers to checkout in different currencies.

This allows customers to place orders in their local currency.

The customers can select or switch currencies anytime in the store, but it will force payment based on billing/shipping country at checkout. To apply this feature on checkout, you should enable the "Force payment in a specific currency" function in the Checkout Options tab setting.

You can utilize either Billing or Shipping option to force payment on checkout, which is flexible to use based on your aim. Here is the reference how it works on the frontend.


This feature is premium-only.

Once Force payment by customer country is enabled, your customers won't be able to switch currency on the checkout page. The currency switcher displayed on sidebar/header/footer is still showing but unclickable. If you turn this feature on, you are unable to use the "Checkout in fallback currency" feature.

Display force payment notice at checkout

Optionally, you can display a custom notice at checkout to let the customers know why their selected currency has been altered.

For example, “Paying in %currency-selected% is not supported in your location. So your payment will be recorded in %currency-by-country%."

Use these variables to output the values:

VariableFront-end value


Display previously selected currency.


Display currency based on billing or shipping country.


Display billing country.


Display shipping country.

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