View WooCommerce Reports with Currency Filter

Analytics > Overview

In WooCommerce Analytics > Overview, you can view your store performance based on currency. Once filtered, you will easily see your net sales, leaderboards, and top products sold in each currency.

Analytics > Orders

As of version 1.8.3, you will be able to view orders based on currency. Just navigate to Analytics > Orders and pick a currency unit from the dropdown list to have a look at sales count and charts in a selected date range.

Analytics > Revenue

From version 1.9.1, you can view your store revenue based on currency in WooCommerce Analytics > Revenue. Once filtered, you will see your Gross sales, Returns, Coupons, Net sales, Taxes, Shipping, Total sales displayed in each currency.

Troubleshooting Analytics for past orders

In case you've used YayCurrency version 2.4.4 and earlier, and you enabled "checkout in different currencies," the sales in your analytics dashboard could be recorded in different currencies.

Then, you can force a database update for past orders so that the revenue recorded in different currencies will be recorded in your default currency. This action will convert the sales based on the current exchange rate.

Once you click "Convert all orders," all existing order values will be converted into your store's base currency. This conversion will be reflected within the Analytics menu, and not in the primary order history.

If you don't want to force the conversion for past orders, only the orders processed from today onwards will be recorded in your store's base currency.

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