How YayCurrency works with Polylang

Polylang is a great plugin for building a multilingual WooCommerce store. It allows the display of different languages in the front end compatible with the different currencies and prices of YayCurrency.

In the admin setting of Polylang, you can set up your own language. In this case, we’ve added some languages: English, Netherlands, Italiano, English (UK), and Korean, but you can add as many languages as you need.

With Polylang, you can manually translate the information of products into all languages that have been set. When all is done, it's time to set up the currency switcher.

Disable "Polylang Compatible" option

When turning off the Polylang add-on function, in the Advanced Setting tab, the product page only translates the language of the customer's choice but unchanged currency and price according to that language.

That means, in default mode, YayCurrency detects to set up currency based on the pre-existing IP address or cookies of visitors.

When visitors choose English, all information will be translated into English, but the currency still be displayed based on the location of visitors.

Enable "Polylang Compatible" option

Back to YayCurrency, click to enable Polylang Compatible and assign each currency corresponding to each language.

When changing the pre-set language with the switcher on the product page, the currency and product price will also change. For example, if visitors choose English, the currency will automatically be displayed in Dollars.

Thank the developers of Polylang for the great plugin that integrates with YayCurrency to help the stores sell products to international customers as much as possible!

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