Name Your Price

How YayCurrency works with WooCommerce Name Your Price

The Name Your Price plugin allows you to set flexible pricing for chosen products, giving you the freedom to specify the price you're willing to accept.

This integration empowers users by providing them with a personalized shopping environment where they can name their prices for products and effortlessly switch between different currencies of their choice while browsing and making purchases.

Starting with the Name Your Price setting tabs, you have the option to customize and rename the text for the add-to-cart button, minimum price, suggested price, and name your price field.

Look for the ‘Name Your Price’ in the Product Data metabox and Tick the checkbox to allow users to set price for this product. You can set your own price for simple, subscription, and bundle products.

Fill in the suggested, minimum, and maximum prices as desired.

On the product page, customers will see the suggested price, currency conversion bar, and a field where they can enter the desired amount.

When customers switch to another currency, they can easily view the price converted into their chosen currency, along with the corresponding currency symbols.

Once you input the amount and click 'Add to Cart', the product is added to your cart. On the cart page, the price, including the selected currency, is displayed in full. You have the option to change the price and update it as needed.

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