Cache plugins

How to make YayCurrency work with WordPress cache plugins

In YayCurrency (version 2.4.2 and newer) → go to Advanced Settings, you can enable Compatible with cache plugins to make it work with your caching system.

Enable this option will do these actions:

  • Bypass server cache

  • Fetch the latest currency data using AJAX

  • Save the newest data into the browser cookie

This feature works with these cache plugins:

  • W3 Total Cache

  • WP Rocket

  • LiteSpeed Cache

  • WP Super Cache

  • NitroPack

  • WP-Optimize

  • And many others!

Note: If you are using another third-party plugin that recalculates the converted prices, this cache compatibility function might not work as intended. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro, WooCommerce Product Add-ons, WooCommerce Name Your Price, Woo Discount Rules, to name a few.

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