Checkout Options

This is the second of the four major configurations and settings tab. The image below shows the different sub-options available in this area:

(1). Checkout Options: This tab will show more configuration options (2 - 6) for the different currencies added in the 'Currency Manage' tab.

(2). Toggle Icon: This option allows you to toggle ON/OFF whether to allow frontend users to Checkout in different currencies as you have set in the 'Currency Manage' tab.

(3). Status: This column shows the ON/OFF toggle next to each one of the currencies available in this tab.

(4). Currency: This column shows the name of each currency that is available in the 'Checkout Options' tab.

(5). Payment Methods: This column allows you to pick a specific payment method that you would like to associate with a specific currency you have activated.

(6). Toggle Icon: This is the toggle icon that appears next to each currency, it allows you to then toggle ON/OFF any currency that you want or do not want to show during Checkout. In case you turn OFF the default currency, the screen will display the Checkout in fallback currency field and allow you to choose one of the remaining currencies to replaces the default currency to check out.

(7). Force payment in a specific currency (PRO): This option allows customers to place orders in different currencies but forces payment based on billing/shipping country at checkout. See more here.

(8). Reload Checkout page (PRO): This option will be displayed when you enable the Force payment in a specific currency option. This sets the avoid cases of not matching currency with a few Paypal payment method.

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