Checkout Options
This is the second of the four major configurations and settings tab. The image below shows the different sub-options available in this area:
(1). Checkout Options: This tab will show more configuration options (2 - 6) for the different currencies added in the 'Currency Manage' tab.
(2). Toggle Icon: This option allows you to toggle ON/OFF whether to allow frontend users to Checkout in different currencies as you have set in the 'Currency Manage' tab.
(3). Status: This column shows the ON/OFF toggle next to each one of the currencies available in this tab.
(4). Currency: This column shows the name of each currency that is available in the 'Checkout Options' tab.
(5). Payment Methods: This column allows you to pick a specific payment method that you would like to associate with a specific currency you have activated.
(6). Toggle Icon: This is the toggle icon that appears next to each currency, it allows you to then toggle ON/OFF any currency that you want or do not want to show during Checkout.
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