WooCommerce Subscriptions

How YayCurrency works with WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions allow customers to subscribe to your products or services and pay weekly, monthly, or yearly. As the function of this plugin, when integrated with YayCurrency, your store can sell subscription products in multi-currency.

Creating subscription products and setting data for each product. You can modify the fixed price for each currency or leave it blank to get the rate automatically. Then, published those products.

This plugin will automatically integrate with YayCurrency, you just need to set up the currency you want to display in your store.

Back to the front end of the store, customers can see the subscription products with the default currency that has been set.

When they switch the currency of the product, the subscription price will auto-change according to each currency.

Thanks to that, there will be many stores that can supply their products cover the world.

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