Manage Currency

The first tab allows you to manage WooCommerce multi-currency formatting options. The image below shows the different sub-options available in this area:
Here are what you can do and navigate in the currency manager:
Add New Currency: This button will allow you to add a new currency which would reflect in the list in the lower section.
(1) Currency: This column will allow you to select and drag and drop a specific currency to reorder it on the website's frontend.
(2) Preview: This cell shows the currency format according to what you set up in each currency's settings using a dummy amount of 1,234.56:
  • Thousand Separator: Show the thousand separator of the displayed prices using the character you like.
  • Decimal Separator: Show the decimal separator of the displayed prices using the character you like.
  • Number of Decimals: Show the number of decimals according to custom rounding settings.
  • Symbol Position: Right/left and with/without space according to the settings found in the Gear icon.
(3) Rate: This column will allow you to set an exchange rate value for the currency as Fixed or Auto. Fixed-rate allows you to alter the automatically generated values. On the top of the column, you will find a button for bulk updater applicable to all currencies with Auto-rate type.
(4) Fee: This column will allow you to add an extra currency surcharge to compensate for the differences when converting or withdrawing the money.
(5) Action: This column displays several icon buttons that allow you to customize the currency unit.
The Gear icon will open a drawer for additional customizations for each currency like formats and custom rounding options.
The Auto icon is used to force auto-update the exchange rate of those currency units with Auto-rate setting.
The Trash icon will delete a currency from the list.