The Services tab in the Bookster Booking plugin is designed to efficiently manage and organize the various services offered to clients. It provides a suite of tools that enhances the ability to customize and categorize services to better suit your business needs and client preferences.

Key features of the Services tab include:

  • Search for Services by Name: This feature allows you to quickly locate specific services using a search function. Once found, services can be edited and adjusted according to your business requirements or your clients' feedbacks.

  • Create New Services: You can add new services, defining specific details such as service duration, pricing, and the agent or agents who can provide the service.

  • Create New Service Categories: This helps you to organize services and make them more navigable for both staff and clients, the plugin allows for the creation of distinct service categories. These categories can help streamline the booking process and enhance the user experience by grouping similar services together.

  • Drag and Drop Feature: This intuitive feature enables users to easily arrange and sort services within and across different categories. By simply dragging and dropping service entries, you can organize your offerings in a way that is logical and user-friendly, making it easier for clients to browse and book services.

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