The Payment tab provides settings related to financial transactions, specifically focusing on currency options and payment gateways.

Here’s a breakdown of the features shown in the screenshot:

Currency Options:

(1). Currency: This dropdown menu allows you to select the type of currency in which transactions will be conducted.

(2). Currency Position: This setting lets you determine where the currency symbol appears in relation to the price numbers. Options include:

  • Before (e.g., $99.99)

  • After (e.g., 99.99$)

  • Before With Space (e.g., $ 99.99)

  • After With Space (e.g., 99.99 $)

(3). Payment Gateways: This section allows you to see all the available payment gateways which you can activate for your Booking services. Example include;

  • Pay Later/Locally: This toggle switch, set to "ON" in the screenshot, allows customers to book services and pay at a later time or in person. This feature is useful for businesses that accept payment upon service delivery or prefer not to process payments online.

Save your changes.

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