The General settings tab from the Bookster Booking plugin showcases several key configuration options that you can adjust to create the best booking system per your needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the settings available in this tab:

(1). Booking

  • Default Time Slot Step: This setting determines the interval between time slots in the booking form, time picker, and calendar. In the example, it's set to "30 Minutes."

  • Default Phone Country: This allows you to set a default country for phone numbers, making it easier to handle international formats. The default setting shown is "US."

  • Default Appointment Status: This dropdown allows the selection of the default status for new appointments. In the screenshot, "Pending" is selected.

  • Default Items Per Page: This helps you control how many items are displayed per page in record pages. It's set to "20" in the screenshot.

(2). Formats

  • Time Format: This option lets you choose how time is displayed within the system, with the example using a "12-hour Clock."

  • Date Format: This helps you configure how dates are displayed, with the format in the screenshot set to "YYYY-MM-DD (2022-11-20)."

(3). Restrictions

  • Earliest Possible Booking Time: This setting lets you restrict how early bookings can be made, with "No Restriction" shown in the screenshot, indicating that bookings can be made for any available time.

  • Latest Possible Booking Time: Similarly, this setting restricts how late bookings can be accepted, also set to "No Restriction" in the example.

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