The Calendar is a section showing you the overview of your appointment history, records, earnings and other information.

(1). Day Selection: Here you can go back or forth to filter and select dates and years you want to show Calendar data for.

(2). New Appointment: This button allows you to manually create a new appointment from the backend.

(3). Date Range: This dropdown allows you to select a range of quick views, including; Day view, Week view and Month view.

(4). Refresh Icon: Data are refreshed and updated automatically after every 5 minutes, but clicking this icon will help you trigger a manual re-fetch, to get the latest data form the server. Like updating all newly booked appointments, new dates, payments etc.

(5). Select Services: Here you can filter services by selecting the ones you want.

(6). Select Agents: Here you can filter agents by selecting each agents as you want.

(7). Booked Session: All the booked sessions are shown against the day and time scheduled and hovering mouse over each booked session will show you a quick information about the appointment.

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