The Customize section for the Booking form provides you with a highly customizable interface for adjusting the text fields and other styles within each step of the booking process.

Here’s an overview of the customization:

First Part of Customization (Steps Content):

  1. Service Selection:

    • Service Title: The title visible to users when selecting a service.

    • Service Description: Descriptive text guiding the user on what to do in this step, for example, "Please select a service for your appointment."

  2. Agent:

    • Agent Title: Title for the agent selection step.

    • Agent Description: Guidance provided to the user to select an agent for their appointment.

  3. Date & Time:

    • DateTime Title: Title for the date and time selection step.

    • Datetime Description: Instructions or information on selecting the date and time for the appointment.

  4. Contact:

    • Contact Title: Title for the contact information step.

    • Contact Description: Text instructing the user to enter their contact information.

  5. Checkout:

    • Checkout Title: Title for the checkout step where users review and confirm their selections.

    • Checkout Description: Description encouraging users to enter their payment information.

  6. Confirmation:

    • Confirmation Title: Title for the final confirmation step of the booking process.

    • Confirmation Description: A message confirming that the appointment has been booked, such as "Your appointment has been booked."

  7. Help:

    • Help Text: Additional help text that can provide support information or contact details, such as "Need help? Call Us Now."

Second Part of Customization (Styles):

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