The Holiday tab provides you with a visual and interactive interface for managing holidays and special non-working days.

Explanation of the features:

  1. Calendar View: The interface displays a twelve-month calendar view, from January to December of every year you choose, allowing you to easily navigate different months and their dates.

  2. Year Navigation: There is a year selector at the top center of the calendar with a left and right arrow, allowing you to navigate to different years to plan or review holidays for past or future years.

  3. Date Color Coding:

    • Selected Date: Dates that are clicked or selected by the user are highlighted.

    • Specific Year Working Day: Days marked as working days for the specific year are indicated, possibly differentiating from regular days to show exceptions.

    • Specific Year Holiday: These are days designated as holidays for the specific year. They might include one-time holidays or holidays that change dates each year.

    • Every Year Holiday: These dates represent holidays that occur on the same date every year and are automatically marked as holidays annually.

  4. Functionality:

    • The interface allows you to click on individual dates to set or modify their status as a working day or a holiday.

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