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Why Upgrade?

Check out the full comparison between YayExtra Free and Pro so that you will have an informed choice.
YayExtra Pro version comes with advanced options and settings. Please review these features in the table below.
YayExtra Free
YayExtra Pro
Basic Option Types:
  • Text
  • Number
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button
  • Button
  • Dropdown list
  • Swatches (Few options)
Conditional logic
Advanced Option Types
  • Text area
  • Email/URL
  • Swatches (Full options)
  • Calendar date picker
  • Time picker
  • File upload
  • Button (Multi select)
  • Swatches (Multi select)
Color & image swatches:
Advanced settings
Swatch shape
Swatch direction
Change product images
Pricing type (Extra fee/ discount)
  • Fixed price
  • Percentage
Few options
Full options
Linked Product (Product as an Option)
Customize and preview styling
Stock/inventory of extra options
Show extra subtotal on product page
Show/hide option sets for roles
Show extra options value in mini cart line items
VIP live chat support