How to sort and re-order option sets, and option items in the list.

With YayExtra - WooCommerce Extra Product Options, you can sort the option sets, and option items all the way you want using the sorting feature. This helps the custom product options display in the right order on your front end.

  1. Sorting option sets

If you would like to re-order your option sets, just follow these simple steps.

  • Navigate to Extra Product Option > Option sets.

  • Select the field(s) you need to re-order and click on the settings symbol.

  • Change the ordinal number on ''Priority'' field.

  • Click on the ''Save change'' button.

  • The option sets will be re-arranged in sequence successfully. You will see a successfully arranged on the frontend.

  1. Sorting option items

Re-ordering an option leaves it intact. Meaning all of its content and settings stay the same regardless of its position on the product page, including:

  • Option name (label)

  • Option type

  • Option values

  • Advanced settings

  • Conditional logics

  • Additional pricing and description

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