Add Percentage Custom Fees

How to charge an extra fee in percentage on top of the price of base product and the extra options.

The GIF example below shows how to Charge an Extra fee in Percentage on top of the price of the base product and the extra options (only for the premium version).

After configuring the Options to assign to the product you want, then move to the Actions tab to set the conditions for adding percentage custom fees.

For instance, we will set the Shipping Fees section based on the original products or whole package. If the customer chooses Regular shipping method, then an additional fee will be automatically calculated at 5% based on the value of the whole package. Likewise, if they choose Express shipping method, adding fee will be 10% of the whole package.

  • Step 1: Add condition

Move to Actions tab, and click on “Add new action set” to add a condition corresponding to the pre-created option. For example, choose “Shipping"

  • Step 2: Assign “Shipping Label" in condition option

In this section, assign the “shipping label” to that condition, “Regular" or “Express".

  • Step 3: Select type of extra fee

Select the option to apply when the customer meets the above conditions.

  • Step 4: Adjustment the value of the extra fee

Next, assign this option set to specific products and display it on the product page.

Once setup is complete, see the results on the front end of the products page of your WooCommerce store.

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