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Which helps you setting some options.
Here are the settings for some options, allowing you to show/hide the option field or some other things.
  • Show/Hide option sets for roles: allows showing/hiding options fields in the single product page base on roles. If the setting values in the two settings (Show/Hide) are the same, the "Hide option sets for roles" setting will be applied.
  • Show additional price text on option value.
Show additional price
  • Show extra subtotal on the product page.
Show extra subtotal
  • Show the total price on the product page.
Show total price
  • Show extra options value in mini cart line items.
Mini cart options
  • Applied option sets: Just only show Option sets with conditions: All applicable option sets, First applicable option set, The most options or The least options.
  • Import/Export option sets: Import/Export option sets by uploading your JSON file.