Common Options Settings

These are the various settings common to all the different Option types.

The screenshot below shows the general settings for Option sets:

(1). This is a tab which when clicked, would bring up the Options configuration screen.

(2). These three icons from the left include; the Duplicate icon for duplicating an Option, followed by the Delete icon for deleting an Option and the Expand/Close icon for opening further settings or closing it.

(3). This is the field where you can give a name or rename the Option set you are creating, for your reference purpose.

(4). This is a checkbox which will allow you to set a specific option as required or not.

(5). This is a dropdown which allows you to choose from the different Option types available for use. Option types available include; Text, Number, Checkbox, Radio Button, Button, Swatches, Dropdown List, Date Picker, Time Picker, File Upload etc.

(6). The Advanced settings sub-tab allows you to configure settings like; a Class name which is used for CSS purposes, minimum and maximum characters in case of Number or Text Option, set Swatches shape, directions and other Swatches settings in case of Swatches Option.

This parallel section generally has 3 sub-tabs which are;

  • Option values

  • Advanced settings

  • Conditional logics

Because our sample screenshot is working with the Text Option, therefore only 2 of them are highlighted as (6) and (7). Thus, depending on which Option types you've chosen from the (5) dropdown, then either 2 or 3 of this sub-tab would become visible for use.

(7). The conditional logic sub-tab will allow you to set all the conditions which must be met to determine if your Option set should be displayed or should be hidden for website Customers.

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