Frequently Asked Questions about YayExtra

What kind of extra product options does YayExtra work for?

YayExtra - WooCommerce Extra Product Options allows you to add extra options (16+ field types) to your WooCommerce products. It is easy to add custom fields as per your business requirement.

  • Text

  • Email

  • Website URL

  • Custom Text Format

  • Number

  • Checkbox

  • Radio Button

  • Button

  • Dropdown List

  • Swatches

  • Image swatches (PRO)

  • Button (multi-selectable) (PRO)

  • Swatches (multi-selectable) (PRO)

  • Date Picker (PRO)

  • Time Picker (PRO)

  • File Upload (PRO)

What is an example of a product extra option in YayExtra?

For example, you want to create a shirt with different sizes and colors. With the Large size, you add a $2 fee. Moreover, you want to wrap the shirt as a gift and the customer should be able to add a message to print on the wrapping package.

What are the WooCommerce custom attributes?

When creating a variable product on WooCommerce, it is a must to define an attribute for the product. These attributes provide a means of distinguishing between various product variations.

In addition to basic attributes like size and color, shop owners can now customize their products to include text fields, image swatches, date pickers, file uploads, etc. to better meet the unique needs of their customers. One such example of a tool that enables this level of customization is YayExtra.

Does the chosen option set display in the cart?

Yes. You can easily enable the exact product image and all the product option details that the customer has chosen before adding to the cart.

Can multiple extra product options work well with each other?

Yes, definitely. In YayPricng, you can add many product custom fields in the same group and they will display next to each other or vertically. For example, if you add multiple fees to multiple product options, all the additional fees will add up to the total price.

YayExtra also allows you to create a conditional logic to combine all the options of that product. These conditional logics help show the next product field if the user has selected a specific option value. For example, a text field will display when the customer chooses the value “Cake custom note"

Can I use YayExtra to bulk edit attributes for a group of products?

Yes, you can. A group of product fields can be applied to all products, products in a specific category, products with a particular tag, or hand-picked products.

How many options and option sets can I create in YayExtra?

YayExtra allows you to create options and option sets for your products without any limitations on the quantity. Feel free to create as many options and option sets as you need.

Is YayExtra compliant with GDPR?

Absolutely! YayExtra doesn't collect or store any personal information. So rest assured.

Is YayExtra compatible with other WooCommerce addon plugins?

Yes, YayExtra is compatible with most WooCommerce plugins. If you ever experience any incompatibility with a WooCommerce plugin, please let us know; we will gladly help.

May I use YayExtra on unlimited websites?

Yes, you can. We offer a special package for unlimited websites. It's available in either annual plans or one-time payments. Check out all plans for YayExtra Pro.

How can I get support?

Please contact us or chat via Facebook page.

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