Email Log Settings

Navigate to Email Log settings then you can quickly see its setting options.

  1. Save Email Logs: This option allows you to save all the emails sent from your site. In case, you would not like to save the log so just turn it off.

  2. Basic/Full Information option: The email logging you use can be personalized with particular data such as email subject, to email, status of the emails, and so on, depending on your purpose.

  3. Tracking option Here, YaySMTP offers two tracking options Email Opened, and Email Clicked Links that help you track the status of your emails if the recipient has an action on it. The Email Opened option let you know if the recipient has opened the email. The Email Clicked Links option let you know if the the recipient has clicked on any links in the email.

  4. Save Logs: You may determine how long the email is stored in the logs with the drop-down option list. By default, it will let you store the log to 60 days.

Note: If you change the log retention period, all currently saved logs will be deleted from the database.

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