How to Connect Zoho

Zoho is a software company that has been around for quite a good, long-while. They allow you to create free e-mail accounts like Gmail that would look like To get started with zoho SMTP, you need to create a business account or free personal account with them and you can do so by clicking here if you do not already have one.

Then, you can set up Zoho SMTP integration in just 2 steps:

  1. Create a Zoho account and App

  2. Create, copy and integrate Zoho's API

Create a Zoho account and App

After creating the account, then visit the Zoho’s API link and click Get Started.

If you already used this API before to create some App, just click on a + Add Client button located at the upper right corner and choose Server-Based Applications.

Fill the little form that follows and in the Authorized Redirect URL, go back to the YaySMTP settings screen on your website and copy the automatically generated URL and paste in the field.

Create, copy and integrate Zoho's API

This will then reveal the Client Details and Client Secrets, copy the values and paste them in the appropriate fields respectively inside the YaySMTP settings area.

The last step is to click the button Confirm authorization button to finalize the Zoho integration.

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