How to Connect SendGrid

In other to get started with this, you need to first create a free account plan with SendGrid and verify your account by following their instructions, you can get started by clicking here.

Then, log in to your account and follow these 3 steps to complete the SMTP connection:

  1. Add and authenticate your domain name

  2. Verify your DNS records

  3. Create, copy and integrate SendGrid's API

Add and authenticate your domain name

To get started on authentication, in SendGrid’s left menu go to Settings > Sender Authentication or follow this link.

On the first authentication setup page, you’ll need to answer 2 questions:

  • Which Domain Name Server (DNS) host do you use? Choose your DNS provider from the list or choose Other Host (if yours is not listed).

  • Would you also like to brand the links for this domain? select Yes, so that all links in your Emails would be branded with your own domain.

Then, click Next and add your domain name.

Click on Advanced Settings, then uncheck Use automated security, check Use custom return path, then add a subdomain in the Return Path field.

Verify your DNS records

Click Next to see the 3 DNS text records, we recommend contacting your hosting support for guidance on how to add these 3 records to your hosting and don't worry, the process is quite easy.

Note that some hosting could take up to 24 hours for new records to take effect, but when it's done, go back to SendGrid and check the box labeled I have added these records, then click Verify button. If the verification does not show a success message it means the record is still propagating, just check back later, but if all goes well, then you'll see the success message.

Create, copy and integrate SendGrid's API

This is the last process which is quite easy because we will connect SendGrid by using the available API and a direct link to this API page is available next to the API's field or just click here to visit the page. You could either create a new key there in 2 clicks or just copy the existing key you see.


The SendGrid mailer will not be able to work on your site until you’ve completed these three processes involved in the settings.

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