How to Connect Microsoft Outlook

To connect with the Microsoft Outlook SMTP server, you can use either a Microsoft personal account (Outlook, Hotmail or Live email account) or Microsoft 365 business account.

In this tutorial, you'll accomplish this integration by following just these 4 basic steps:

  1. Create a Web App in your Microsoft account

  2. Create Client secrets

  3. Add API permissions

  4. Authorize Microsoft Outlook SMTP

Let's get started!

1. Create a Web App in your Microsoft account

First, you visit Home - Microsoft Azure page, then you click "More services".

On the next screen, you click into "Identity" and then choose "Microsoft Entra ID".

On the next screen, you click into "App registrations".

On the next screen, you click into "New registration".

Then, you will see Register an application page, You need to fill all the necessary information as in the image below, then click Register button to create a new application.

Note: With "Redirect URI" field, you go back to the YaySMTP settings screen in your website and make sure you press Enter to add it too (as image below).

2. Create Client secrets

Then, you see Application page, copy Application (client) ID (as image below) and paste into Client ID field of YaySMTP settings on your website.

On the service panel left sidebar, find Certificates & secrets, then click into New client secret to create Secret ID (as image below).

After click into "New client secret" button, you will see an "Add a client secret" popup, enter "Description" field and choose "Expires" field, then you click "Add" button to complete.

After creating a client secret, you will see a Client secrets item. Copy its value and paste into API Key field of YaySMTP on your website.

3. Add API permissions

In this step, choose API permissions, then click into Add a permission, then it will show Select an API popup(as image below), you choose Microsoft Graph.

Then, choose Delegated permissions option.

Then, type "mail" text to search Mail permission and choose "Mail.Read.Shared" option (as image below), then click "Add permissions" button.

Next, you’ll need to go through this permissions process once more and choose Application permissions option.

Next, you choose "Mail.Send" option (as image below), then click "Add permissions" button.

4. Authorize Microsoft Outlook SMTP

In this step, all you need to do is to re-confirm all the input fields.

Add them to the appropriate settings fields of YaySMTP, click "Save Changes". Then click on "Confirm Authorization" button to authorize the Microsoft app.

Here you choose the email account that you've just used to create the app. Keep clicking on "Allow" button until the authorization process is completed.

Now you have successfully integrate Microsoft Outlook SMTP server into your WordPress site!

Happy Sending!

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