Additional Settings

Disable Email Delivery The disable email delivery setting will disable email delivery by YaySMTP, the emails recorded on the log screen are email templates in development mode.

Email Notifications

Select the checkbox next to Receive SMTP email delivery summary via email will expand two options within Weekly report and Monthly report. So this setting helps you get all the email delivery in a summary on period time.

Fallback Carrier

This setting configures a secondary email service provider to send WordPress emails automatically once the first mailer has failed for the first time. This expands the fallback PHPMailer settings after checking the checkbox. You might set it up to use this functionality.

Tools & Uninstallation


You might see the Notice that there is previous SMTP Settings from other plugins on your site. This setting helps you get the previous settings back in case you would like to import those settings again. It might save your time when config. Uninstallation Choose the checkbox next to Remove All YaySMTP Data when uninstalling the plugin, all the settings will be removed and unrecoverable forever.

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